Is this a 7870 XT

I was looking around for a good priced 7870 XT and I came across this GPU.  I did a bit of research and saw that a couple of people had the same question as me and alot of the answers were that it was a 7870 XT.  I also believe it is a 7870 XT but I just want to have one last confirmation of this.

I'm going to say it is, based off the memory and core speed. The other 7870's from PowerColor have around a 1200MHz-1250MHz memory speed, while that one has a 1500MHz memory speed. Also, the core speed for just about every regular 7870 is 1GHz or above, where as the card your stumbled upon is 925MHz. That's normally the give away. I'm not sure why PowerColor doesn't really differentiate between the 7870 and the 7870 XT, when they're both very different GPU's.

I am pretty sure it is based on what I see and what the reveiws say.

I would recommend the sapphire 7870xt

No thats not a 7870XT

This is the powercolor 7870XT myst edition.

This card is  better then a normal 7870, cause this card is based on the tahiti Le chip.

grtz Angel ☺

Could you please explain what makes you think it's not a 7870 XT?

The box doesn't say it's an XT edition. It says it's the 7870 GHz EZ edition.

No reason to think it's an XT.