Is this 7950 any good?

Is there anything better for the same price?

I would say that is about as good as It gets at $300 I like sapphire cards I think they are great for the price also have unlocked voltage using trix software.

The MSI Twin Frozr is only a little more, and the HIS Iceq X2 a litte more than that.

I've heard that some revisions of the Sapphire card are voltage locked. You can fix that by flashing the card.

I would personally get the MSI Twin Frozr version:

The Vapor-X isent locked it has a dual bios (one for the boost and a normall bios the boost bios is locked)

However you can only use "trix" to playaround with the voltage

Thanks for the info. I'll remember for next time.

My listed 7950s would still be my preference

I have heard things about some Sapphires arriving voltage locked, which will seriously limit overclocking.

I'd get an MSI Twin Frozr 7950, which will be a little more, but it has a superior cooler, has higher-quality components on-board, and looks much better. They also have an entirely unlocked voltage, which is great for overclocking (well, required for overclocking).

Had to cancel my order, apparently the VRM in that sapphire will heat up to unacceptable temps under heavy load at stock clock. I guess I'll go with the MSI.