Is this 1600 mhz?

i buyed this ram and the stick said its 1600 mhz but its showing 




Yes you are running dual channel ram meaning 2 ram stick running at about 600mhz to make 1600mhz

Yeah you buyed the right ram.

I have DDR3 1600MHz RAM running in my system right now and my DRAM frequency is 800MHz in CPU-Z not 667.

how ? ? 

your running slightly OCd 1333, you have 1600 ram you just need to change the multiplier to the next one

but i didnt over clock anything -.- 

how is that possible

The first lot don't know what they're talking about. Your RAM is at 1333MHz (667 * 2), so you just need to up the multiplier by one.

If your RAM was at 1600MHz it would report as being 800MHz.

And for heaven's sake, "i buyed this ram". SPEAK PROPERLY!

it just means your bclk or FSB is like 1 or 2 higher than usual, its not that unusual


and how to increas multiplyer by one ? 
in bios i cant find it  

DDR stands for double data rate, it runs at 800Mhz both on rising and falling edges meaning it has a effective "double data rate" of 1600Mhz

did you build your computer or did you buy a OEM one?

if its OEM like HP or dell then you can't

i build my own -.-

did you use a H61, H67, or H77 chipset?

i dont know bro what are u talking about :9 i am a noob at this please explain me 

"i buyed this ram"

You buyed? How did you accomplish this feat? 

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