Is there something that can acomplish what I want?

So I’ve set up another computer with Ubuntu server. So I can host some game servers from time to time. But I was wondering since I am not really a professional when it comes to Linux, if there is some kind of tool, program or whatever.

That I can use to manage my game server easy? Like turning off or on a server. Depending on what me and my friends wanna play. Like maybe a Web GUI, where you can turn off and on some game servers that I’ve set up already or something.

Hope you understand what I am trying to accomplish here.

I would probably use Cockpit to enable/disable services and start/shutdown Docker containers. It runs on pretty much everything.


+1 to @Ruffalo’s suggestion of cockpit, if you are unsure about installing it, you can check it out on my personal site.

PM me if you would like access to it to look around.

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Cockpit is super slick. I run it at home for the hell of it.

Yeap, also the ability to manage all your servers without exposing them except through a single point is quite nice:

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Okay so I have now installed cockpit and logged into it. Sorry if this may sound kinda noobish but now how do I start the server program from here?

If I would do it from the terminal I would do it like this:
su factorio
/opt/factorio/bin/x64/factorio --start-server savename

I guess I have to make it into a service or something? Maybe a script? Haha I am still learning but it is fun. I love tinkering with stuff.

Something like this. No clue what factorio even is, just googled “factorio systemd”.

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I fixed and now I think I know how most things work. Thanks guys for the help.