Is there really software to restore fully deleted files?

i am really just wondering just in case i could redownload my torrented games again but its just the matter of time

Yes and no. We should take a look at how a file is deleted:

  1. The file is moved to a special location, called trash or bin. Moving a file on the same device (partitions, hard drives) modifies the metadata only, most of the time. You can simply reverse the modification.
  2. if you either empty your trash or use commands like "rm" on linux, the file doesn't exist anymore for the operating system. However, often it only removes the metadata to the file and marks the memory in which the file is stored as writable, again. The memory of the file itself is not destroyed. You can restore the file with special programs.
  3. if you didnt restore the file, it might (given enought time, it will) happen that your operating system writes a new file in the memory where your file was stored. You can also do this manually with special eraser programs. If this happens, you're unable to restore the file, most of the time.
  • Restoring an overwritten file might work if you have a) an old magnetic hard drive or b) a ssd

a) This might work because you might be able to read an older state of a bit. It doesn't work with new magnetic hard drive anymore because they are simply to small and the magnetic effect is so weak.

b) They have some spare bits between the normal memory the avoid malfunctioning and can be used the recover some data

For case 1 and 2 there are tools out there (, case 3 requires special equipment. In case 2 I'd definitely check the file for integrity (not so important for video/audio/video).

Hope it helps ;)

Excellent post. +1