Is there really a bottle neck on a amd x4 965?

I hear all the time that this CPU is old and terrible then 2min later hear that it is the best for the money and can play games no problem. So does it really bottle neck games at the stock clock? If so how much frames are lost. Just pretend the gfx card is a 7870. 

Not really by much, at most you'll lose 10 frames. 

Then WTF are people really complaining about then?! 

Fanboys bro, you and I both know that an 8350 is a usually better CPU than the i5 but there are a ton of people that will tell you it's a piece of poop. Also you won't loose many or any frames in older games but in those games that kill your CPU like The Witcher 2 then you'll start to see a little fps loss.

so in terms of cpu intensive games how does the 8350 stack against the 3570k

Dude as long as I can get a stable 30fps without the game looking like mother fuckin doom 1 then I am good. 

I like intel but hate there prices so that is why I go AMD. 

my rig has the phenom 965 with a 560ti and at 1680X1050 it runs rather good even in dayz which is horribly optimized bf3 runs smooth as butter 

10fps difference or so. The only reason being is that the game devs optimize the game to work better on intel.

So do you think your CPU do good with a 7870 because I getting those two in a couple of weeks. 

so 3570k then ? i wanna start gaming at 1080p and am probably gonna be building a new pc soon

Look bro, the AMD fx 8350 will play all game at 1080p about the same as the 3570k if not better at some. And in a year or so when all games start using more cores you will be glad you went red.

True, a 965 with a 7870 should get you 40+ FPS at 1080p with everything maxed in most games exept recently released titles and that's only due to optimization.

If you can afford i5 3570k, rather buy FX 8350 since its a 8 core CPU compared to a i5 3570k that has 4 core's if we dont count those fake core's.

FX 8350 outperforms i5 3570k in some stuff, most games use 4 core's now, rarely 6. But you will see difference when they use all 8 core's and also games that use 6 core's... Well you get better FPS and that than on i5 3570k. Both of them are overclockable, if I am correct Intel ones dont come with an cooler, its reccomended to buy an aftermarket cooler for your AMD CPU's if you plan to overclock.

AMD APU(CPI+GPU) is in PlayStation 4 so you can expect better optimization for AMD's CPU's and GPU's since they are a defacto in the industry right now and most consoles used an ATI/AMD's GPU's(Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube... if I am correct). 8 core's is a future proof for atleast 6 years.