Is there money to be made with Android programing

Hi everyone

1. I am contemplating on developing a media player that will be able to play both audio and video within a single app and designing it partly around the vanilla KitKat experience combined with the windows tile look. I was thinking I would list it anywhere between $1 to $3. What do yall think. Is it a good idea? Do you think it would sell? Would you buy it?
2. Is there in general money to be made with Android development?
Thanks a bunch. 
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 yes, there is still money to be made, you have millions of users. the app sounds interesting but you are up against alot of other media players that do the same thing. you're app will need something more compelling to rise above the rest. personally i wouldnt buy it since i already have applications that im use to that play videos and music. but what im saying is that you should at least try. i mean, look at flappy bird, you just never know you have a million dollar idea untill you try.