Is there money to be made from Twitch and Youtube?

I'm a super casual viewer (I doubt I've watched more than 5 hours of Twitch in my entire life) but it seems like every big channel is constantly getting donations and subscribers (for example Sandy Ravage), especially if there's a girl doing the broadcasting. If anyone has any links to research papers, genuine news articles (not just copypasted clickbait from Kotaku or whatever) it would be greatly appreciated.
The last time I went to Twitch all the top channels had girls wearing pushup bras and facecams taking up almost the entire screen, have those kinds of channels been cracked down on?
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Its not the Gold Rush that you think it is.

But I mean you are posting on a site run by people who make there living off of Youtube, that is part of your answer there.

I do want to point out that if people are genuine and asking for donation or accepting donations. They are most likely not making as much as they want/need.

And Cam Girls are getting Kinda cracked down on. But only if they are breaking the rules. Like Donate and get my Nude album on instagram, etc.

I mean if a girl wants to play games online and show some cleavage to get donations, I am not really against it.
They are not forcing people to donate.

I don't get why people bother donating to the girls on twitch using their bodies for money, they could just go to an actual webcam model site and get a lot more for their money

Otherwise actually being able to make a living from youtube/twitch is going to be fairly rare unless you're in the 1%, Patreon seems to be helping a good amount with that though

From what I have heard there isn't much money in it and you have to work really hard to get off the ground. Attracting an audience, it is hard to get noticed. One has to be very consistent like a TV show. Same time everyday, every week, etc or you will lose viewers. But there are always exceptions and some people luck into getting massive subscribers.

But mostly it's plain old hard work just like any job you intend to do well.

P.S. JackSepticEye is my YouTube hero. I don't watch every vid because he uploads 2 a day, every day, same time, without fail. He maintains a positive fan base. After years of struggle he exploded and just celebrated 8,000,000 subs!

I do not have the general numbers that AvE from YouTube posted but in general for a low viewership channel you will be payed on average $.15-.22 a view but from listening to Matt-Pat over at the Game Theorist talk about it, the pay structure gets more complicated as you get larger and as such if you actually want to do YouTube as a money maker you will have to treat it as a real business with real sponsors or meta-game what is popular at the moment to make sure your content continues to show up in searches.

If you are doing this for money... you're going to have a bad time.

One in 30,000 will make enough to pay rent.

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Casey has startet to Moneytorize he's channel now, and he owns anough to send he's kid to college, but he is one of the most watched vloggers on Youtube with like 500k views per vlog and there is 1 every day, so its easy for him :)

BTW watch Casey's vlogs they are amazing :)

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I'm planning (hoping) on making my Twitch make me money while my creativity goes into Youtube. On Twitch I want girls in pushup bras playing whatever flavor of the month and flirting with people. I supply the hardware and games and remain invisible, the girls supply the "entertainment".
I'm not too worried about my youtube channel making me money, I doubt half the videos will even be monetized