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Is there gpu sharing on laptops?



I’m getting that oryx ordered next week. Part of me is wondering if I can do looking glass or vm atd passthrough the 1070 that I’ll have. I gotmrainbow six and I’d love to try it but dual booting is such a pain in the ass.

Is that something I could do? Has anyone here done similar?




That will really depend on how the IOMMU groups are setup on that thing. I would say expect the worse.

Maybe Steam Proton and Optimus/Bumble Bee?


I mean proton is my first bet. I’m more curious if its really been done on any laptop, then I guess I’d have to dissect how to do it.


The github repo below is a good starting point.

I tried it on a laptop and did get it’s Nvidia dGPU passed through, although I could not get code 43 to go away. Code 43 is caused by both the nerfed nvidia driver detecting that it is running in a VM, and/or that the GPU can not initialize properly. That is most commonly caused because the card does not have a good(or any) vBIOS/vROM loaded. Sometimes it is just a vBIOS dump and define path to vBIOS rom in libvirt, but for laptops it can sometimes require pulling it out of a motherboard UEFI image, then compiling it directly into OVMF.