Is there anything wrong with this build?

Basically, Im completely new to building pcs. So I don't know if anything is wrong with this or if anything needs to be improved. Though I am thinking about changing the 660 Ti to a 760 assuming that it would be an improvment. Also my budget is about $1000, but trying to stay cheap.


Here you go:



Yeah, the 760 would be a better choice. Also, a 750w psu if you plan to SLI.

Thanks! As I probably will SLI at some point

I'd personally go with some Corsair Vengeance or HyperX Beast RAM, just a personal preference, I also have experience with the two and I can reccomend them. If you get the 760 I would go for the EVGA w/ ACX cooler or Asus Direct CU2 card. You can tone down that cpu down to an FX-6350 if it isn't too important to you. Sidenote: The 8350 has a higher TDP than the FX-6350.