Is there anything wrong with the asus x99-m ws board?

I know there were issues with the regular WS board, but I think those have been fixed.

I really want a nice M-atx board for my x99 system and this board is pretty cheap now.

Any thoughts?

I don't think X99 and Cheap should be used together in the same sentence.

Wait that board's the most expensive micro ATX board on the PC part picker

Everything I've seen and heard about this little power house of a board has been positive. The reviews have been good from customers although I haven't seen any review sites do an in-depth overview. The other M-ATX boards from other manufactures haven't been well received but I've not seen a really major flaw on this one. If you want to go M-ATX and X99, this has got to be the number one choice.

Meh meh meh.

Well I currently have an asus x99-a that I spent 250 or so on at launch.

So by comparison I can now buy a WS board for 15 bucks more when it was originally 350+ a month or two ago.

So I am looking at this from a totally different perspective.

The only other motherboard on that list that interests me is the EVGA micro 2.

I hate gigabyte boards, and asrock is ok but they really do not have an Matx board that can compete with the WS.

Unless someone tells me that the asus ws board is liable to blow up, I will probably get it. If not, I will get the EVGA board.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the Evga M-ATX stuff on X99 and their Itx offerings on Z170 & Z97 as of late. Seems they aren't super stable.

Are you sure you can't just go ATX? those boards are way more common and way more proven, if you want something that's still compact there's a number of ATX cases that are on the smaller side or that or more unique like the HAF XB EVO

I am pretty sure the answer is no I can not use ATX.

I am actually trying to do a desk build and I have 20 inches of depth to work with. By the time the thickness of the wood is added in I am probably going to be left with 17 inches.

That means I have 17 inches for the motherboard, radiator, and probably reservoir.

I could potentially use atx, but it would be a very very VERY tight fit.

Why not just build a bigger desk?

cause it needs to fit into my closet.

You use your desk from your closet?

Ehhhhhhh sort of.

Right now my computer is in my closet with a huge monitor arm sticking out and I am using my bed as a desk with a hard mouse pad and everything.

This has worked out ok for the last 9 years, but I am getting more and more into cars and old audio gear.

Right now I have an old reel to reel player that I am rebuilding on my dresser and a throttle body that I am cleaning up on my night stand.

So I am trying to engineer this desk so that it can roll in and out of my closet which will leave me enough room for a second work bench for other projects.

Why not just wall mount your PC? or get a desktop replacement laptop.

That would not work for a few reasons.

1: the spot where I could wall mount a PC would be about 7-8 feet from where I would want my screen to be. That means I would have to have a cable running all that distance basically in mid air.

Even if it were to get a really long cable and have it on the floor, it would still be a pain in the ass and more than likely I would also be forced to buy a wireless mouse and keyboard which would suck.

2: If you could find a laptop that uses a desktop grade 5930K and has 64GB of ram, you let me know.

I run way to many virtual machines and other programs to use something like a laptop.

One day when laptops are powerful enough to meet my needs, I will get a desktop replacement.

You could build it around the legs of the desk so you aren't limited to Micro ATX

There's also this

mhmmmmmm yes yes

or I could just buy a shed, have it installed, run power to it, build a new computer for the shed, and then go buy a car for the same price.

Or you know I could just buy an M-atx board that is considered to be better than my current board and only pay 50 bucks or so out of pocket.

Good choice.

I'm just saying man, Micro ATX is a bit limiting for the X99 platform.

not least not for me.

I will be buying a samsung 950 pro m.2 drive and then I will have my 970 and 290x running for my linux and windows 10 setup.

That pretty much takes advantage of all of my PCIe lanes right there.

I have an external amp and dac that I will be using for audio, so I do not need to worry about a sound card or anything like that.

If I were doing video editing or music production, then yeah matx would be a drag.

I'm more thinking of it in terms of, for 40 dollars more you could get this beast, but ya, if you really wanna go small, not too many options atm. I'm just more of a performance per dollar kinda guy.

Yeah but its more or less what I already have but uglier and with a plastic shroud lol.

But yeah I get your point.

I will see if I can get atx to work. I have been trying to learn google sketch up today with very little success.

MS paint is all I have in the way of seeing if something will fit or not.

Order a Giant Sized Pizza and cut the box to what you need.

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