Is there anything I can do with my broken smartphone besides sell it for $7?

Been really trying to get into engineering a couple things, I have the majority of any types of tools I'd need laying around somewhere I'm sure..

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket where the screen is completely borked. I really don't feel like buying and replacing the screen, so my options are selling it for around $7 broken or fiddling with it a bit.

Question is, is there anything I can do for fun with this?


Target Practice anyone?

That is actually something I was considering. My dad just bought a 357, would be nice to see the hole from that bad boy.

Won't be much of an entrance hole but should leave an interesting exit. Unless you shoot it from back to front. Or use a hollow point. Personally I would shoot it with a tungsten cored subsonic round and see how much of it you can find afterwards. I would also save the battery...

At least broken smartphones are good for something!

Battery is only 1850mAH.. Not sure what I'd do with it, but I'll save it for now. Definitely don't want to destroy it.

Rats if its the screen thats broken. I have seen a few people turn an old phone or tablet into a touch screen of their computers. Just something small for manipulating the mouse and a replacement to Razers Keyboard. Anyway. Just google searchg for mods and your s2 and see if you find something that you could do. Connect it to your TV and use a wireless keyboard and mouse to turn your tv into a smart tv? Could use it to stream content from a NAS or a computer to your tv and such.

Keep it until you get the want to tear it apart and fix it.. I mean if you fix it you can sell it for more then. 

Send it to project Ara(phone-blocks) and leave a note with it saying this is why we need phone blocks.

I'll buy it from you.