Is there any way to transfer files from win to linux or the other way and using multithreading

i want to transfer files form my linux machine to the windows machine but windows is single threaded how can I transfer files lan but with multithreading

I think there is supposed to be some multi threaded samba/smb multi channel, but never tried it.

You can try FileZilla on Linux (and Windows, I think) and it can choose several simultaneous streams.

It can also choose sftp, and I think SMB/samba?

It is free, and might be in the distro repository?

You might have to set up SSH to work on Windows, but it should be “easy” enough in “powershell” or “cmd”

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Install CIFS on Linux, then connect to that from Win-OS directly. Don’t bother with single vs multi-thread stuff, that’s way over your head ATM.

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SMB share on Linux is the easiest way.

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On windows to linux you can use robocopy with the switch /MT:16
where the MT specifies multi thread, and the number specifies the number of threads.

On Linux to windows you can use dd, rsync. …and you can use dd, rysnc on windows to linnux too.

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