Is there any point in me putting in this sound card?

Hi all, don't know if I posted this in the right place but it's to do with audio :3

I've just built a new computer with an Asus Z97-A motherboard and I was wondering if there is any point in using a sound card that I already have . It says it has it's own quad core processor so does this have a noticeable benefit or is it just for marketing? After watching tek syndicate's video on sound cards it's basically put me off bothering with them so what thoughts do you guys have on this? Should I just leave it out? Alternatively should I use my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R? I struggled to find much on the specs for it so if you guys know if would be better please let me know. :)))) 

Thankyou in advance :)



If you already have it I'd say put it in and compare the card to the onboard and see which one you like better

I can't really compare though because I think i'd be susceptible to the "placebo effect"

Definitely do not get that soundblaster card. Logan's video is spot on when he says that soundcards are a waste of money. They are essentially the same as the soundcard on your motherboard with a better amp so it is a bit louder. The whole "quad-core" thing definitely sounds like just a marketing ploy. I would for sure use the FastTrack Ultra 8R as it has a quality DAC (digital to analog converter) and plays 24-bit 96khz audio.