Is there any hope at all for my Fury X (Fiji)?

I guess I didn’t do my homework thoroughly enough and just assumed it was newer GPUs that had the reset bug, mostly because I have heard of Polaris and older working great.

I’m on kernel 5.4.15-2 and I heard that it has only gotten worse since mid 2019 so some fixes (like ejecting the GPU, suspending and rescanning) doesn’t work anymore, which is pretty much my experience with this.

Distro is Manjaro, all steps up to running the VM looks good (according to SomeOrdinaryGamers’ and Arch Wiki’s guides), could isolate the Fury just fine, starting the VM doesn’t give any errors that I can see, USB devices gets hijacked and all that good stuff. The only problem is that I don’t get a display from the Fury which most likely means reset bug.

I’m still pretty new to Linux, not used it a whole lot (mostly because I’m lazy, had it on dualboot prior to attempting this and rarely used it), but I’m fairly sure I’ve done everything right.

If there are any other workarounds I could try, I would very much like to know about them. My only green alternative is a GTX 760, which really isn’t usable for the games I play (could probably handle Halo Reach, but that’s about it).

If it doesn’t work I guess I could just dual boot again, but I really want this to work. It’s just that one last obstacle, literally inches from the finishline.