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Is there any consumer grade Ryzen Zen 2 motherboard support headless?

I am looking for building a home server. I will run some virtual boxes on it, ideally can support windows.
I really don’t want to add a GPU to it, what will be my option? (Other than buying the 3400G. I want at least 3600.)
I heard some consumer-grade motherboard will not boot if there is no GPU.

Thanks for the help

The asrock b450 I have boots fine without a GPU (most of the time)

Are you going to be using all the slots for other things? Pick the mobo you want, that might be most useful in the future as well. Get a mining riser and a $10 GPU from ebay and use one of the x1 slots on whatever board you end up on.

You don’t have to plug a monitor into it.

Thank you for the reply! Could you please elaborate on the “most of the time” part? When will it not work? Dose it require a GPU on system installation phase?

I do need an extra ethernet card. I was initially want to do a ITX build, but that is not a must. I was not aware there are $10 GPU on ebay, will check out. Thanks

Believe it to be a bug in the BIOS…

I havent checked to see if there anything newer recently, but it would just not boot (gpu installed or not).
The cpu fan would stop and it would just do nothing. But powering off/back on would usually fix it on the 2nd or third try.

(just checked, there is a newer bios for me to try. so I’ll give it a shot soon)

ITX isn’t what my mind jumps to for a server, home lab or otherwise.

well, you know, something like “Thermaltake Core V1” not those tiny ones.

IMO they can be great for compute systems

i can’t get my asrock b450 pro4 to do headless so what did i miss?

I have the B450 HDV r4.0

well i guess be careful when you get a board the asus z370 prime is supports to do headless just fine i personally could get that board in question.

I have a Ryzen 3 1200 on an M-ATX A320 piece of crap from Asus running as a router. It does have a GPU now actually but I ran it without one for about a year.

My SSD NAS is running on the Prime X370 Pro but that one always did have a GPU. So I can’t comment on that one. I’ll try it out when I am at my moms house again, I do have a system there based on that board.