Is there another 1150 i7 coming or move on to 2011v3?

I haven't kept up with tech in this past year and want to know if there's another CPU family coming to z87/z97 motherboards?


I'm currently saving to upgrade my setup to whatever's new. I've got an i7 920/X58/6GB setup and want to upgrade to either the 4790K/Z97 or the 5820K/X99 platforms. It's safe to assume there will, for a fact, be another big time family coming to the X99, but is that the case for the Z87/Z97 platform? Does Devil's Canyon count as the second customary lineup Intel brings to the same socket?

Thanks! :)

Socket 1150 will last 1 more generation with Broadwell. Skylake will implement socket 1151 (add 1 pin), and will not be compatible with 1150 CPUs.


Yes. Broadwell will be coming to Socket LGA 1150 and Z97. That being said, the upgrade from Haswell to Broadwell won't be doing much performance wise. It is only a die shrink of Haswell. The performance will be about the same but expect lower power consumption and more heat.

The difference between a 4790k or presumably a 5790k to a 5820k will be quite noticeable. X99 is a true enthusiast/workstation platform. 6 cores and DDR4 and a metric shitload of PCIE lanes. Well less of course on the 5820k but still a bit. So of course it will be faster. Most people don't need X99. Z97 and a Haswell should last you quite a while.