Is there an easy way to move files from one hdd to another?

I bought a new hdd and i want to reinstall windows but i dont want to have to download my games again. Most of my steam games are already on a seperate drive but a few games like far cry 3 , blood dragon, and battlfield are on my c drive can i just copy them to a new drive? I bought a 2tb drive and i already have a 1tb and a 500gb drive i was thinking of using the 1tb drive for or the  2tb for my os and using the two that are leftover for games and or backup. Now  two smaller drives are older is there anyway for me to tell if they are in good working order? Because if they are not then i will scrap the smaller drives and just put everything onto the 2tb drive that is new.

 drag and drop, make new shortcut


Really? Thats it?

Sorry, for win 7 it is.


it's called "cut 'n' paste"

You could copy your partition with Gparted.

Our ya; do the whole thing at once .Better idea

I was just expecting to have to jump through a bunch of hoops.