Is there a way to run Linux in windows environment?

My goal is to keep windows for steam because a lot of the games i play do not have a linux port. I would like to use linux as for web browsing etc. is there a way to do this so i can use both simultaneously? this way i can kill all internet browsers on the windows side and use linux for the rest.

Virtual machine.

You can try setting up a VM using virtualbox and whatever linux distribution you like.

EDIT: found a guide that does this. It's quite old but it probably still works fine.

You can also dual boot so you can get the benefits of running Linux on bare metal

Gone myself this way:
GTA V on Linux (Skylake Build + Hardware VM Passthrough) | Tek Syndicate

Essentially using Linux as main OS, for browsing, working and hosting some services and launching Windows inside a virtual machine that directly accesses my GPU (GPU pass-through) for native gaming performance / no performance penalty to keep Windows contained inside a VM, firewalling it and also enabling it to access some Data I share with it with native speeds. You can also directly assign Partitions on your disk to that virtual machine.
Pretty happy with this setup as Wendell showed it, if you're gonna go that way, don't be afraid to have to read into it on other sources, fiddle with it and take some time to configure it.

There are also ways to run Windows applications seamlessly under Linux if they don't require hardware acceleration, either through something like Wine that creates a minimal sandbox environment for that app or by running Windows in VirtualBox that only shows the Windows application itself in a windows just as if it is run in Linux:
Virtualbox: Word On Windows On Linux! | Tek Syndicate

Virtual machines will work totaly fine.
Virtualbox, VM-ware are both good solutions.
Allthough VM-ware workstation pro isnt free.

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Sadly, I do not think my hardware would apply for what Wendell is talking about.

Case - Fractal Design Define R4
OS - Windows 10
CPU - I7-5820k
RAM - 32GB DDR4 Corsair Dominator @ 3000 MHZ
Motherboard - ASUS X-99 Deluxe
Storage - Samsung EVO 500GB SSD, Western Digital 2 TB
Optical - ASUS BW-16D1HT
Cooling - Corsair Hydro Series H105 with 4 Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition and 2 AF120 for the radiator.

Your hardware is basicly more then capable to run multiple linux vm´s under windows.
If you want to go the otherway arround using Linux as your host OS and run Windows in a KVM container,
and you want to passtrough a physical gpu to it with pci-e passtrough.
Then you are going to need a second gpu.
If you just want to run windows in a virtualbox under linux without pci-e pass trough, then i think you will be fine.
But your original question was to run Linux in a VM under Windows if i´m not mistaken?

It was and you are not mistaken. The only reason why i have windows is to run Total war : Warhammer, I personally do not trust windows 10. and the only reason keeping me from making a full switch is steam and that particular game my personal friends are all windows enthusiast. So ultimately to have peace of mind I guess was to either run Linux in a virtual machine and kill all browsers in windows so it would be a steam box with windows support, or go the other way around. hence the reason why i am here.

I appreciate all the help on this forum I am truly impressed with the insight and friendliness of everyone.

Ya, overwrite the disk and leave windows at the office environment.

Steam ofc also works on Linux.
But idk if Total war: Warhammer has Linux support allready or not.

Anyway, if your end goal is using Linux as your daily main OS (host).
And you would like to run Windows 7 / 8.1 or 10 in a kvm container, passing trough your GTX980 for gaming on the Windows kvm.
That is totaly possible, but like i said, then you are going to need a second gpu, for the linux host.
But that ofc could also be something cheap low end like a GTX950 or what not.

But if you just want to play arround with Linux a bit.
Then you can totaly just install Virtualbox on windows, and just make a couple of vm´s, no extra hardware is needed then.
Playing arround and find the distro you like the most etc.

I would like to play around with kali linux. to learn pen testing. and if I enjoy it I can have the secondary graphics card by end of the week.

Another option could be just dual booting.
Windows for your gaming.
Linux for your work.

But then i would still recommend to install kali in a virtual machine on Windows.
Just to find out firstly which distro you like.
Before installing it physically on a drive in dualboot with windows.

probably the easiest solution.... should i throw linux on the ssd
or should I throw it on the mechanical

Thats an option.
It will install grub loader in which you could choose which OS you want to boot up.
Only downside might be that if you are on Windows, you cannot acces the files on the Linux drive as far as i know.
But the other way arround, if you are on Linux you can normaly acces the files on the windows ntfs drive.

i will also tag a couple of guys in that might give you a littlebit more technical info about dualbooting Linux along side Windows.
@CynicRF @Eden @spidernet and others.

I just throw linux on the smaller ssd's I have around. Also there pretty cheap now a days.

which windows do you have right now by the way?

Then i t would be my ssd. I would just make the switch for gaming alone. I will install steam on linux to continue to communicate online while i'm in that operating system and make the switch to gaming and productivity when i am finished.
You have been a huge help i truly appreciate it. Would kali be a good distro to start with or should i start with a different distro and add the repos to it?

win 10