Is there a way to buy steam games without a credit card

i dont have a credit card or paypal but i do have an efpost card is there a way i can buy steam games with that i usually get my friend to buy me a copy and then pay him back but hes out of the country at the moment im in nz

Buy a Steam gift card at a store. You can pay with cash. Then, just activate the Steam gift card in Steam and it adds the value of the card to your Steam wallet. Very simple.


or just get a pay as you go debit card. Basically, you put money on it so you can use it for online shopping. That's what I did before I opened an account at Corning Credit Union

i cant get steam cards here in new zealand and how would i set up a debit card with steam theres no option to add any funds

well not that i can see


You need to make a checking account with a bank or credit union near you. They give you a debit card and you use it similarly to a credit card except it draws from your account instead of you paying the credit card company back.

yea i meant how would i conect to my steam acc


It is like adding any normal credit card. 

If you can make a PayPal account you can transfer money to it as a "payment" from your bank account. You get a unique code to use when you send money to it from your bank account. I've tried it myself and it works fine. No credit cards or anything needed.

um dont you need a credit card to sign up for a paypal acc in the fist place


Nope a bank account is enough.

You could buy a spend on giftcard.

k guys thanks for your help i will get on making a paypal account asap



I use a debit card, it's awesome not having to deal with the hassles of credit card bs. I did so by going to my bank and creating a "Checking" account, maybe took a half hour.

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