Is there a way for me to recover my original Level1Techs account after losingGoogle Authenticator?

Is there a way for me to recover my Level1Techs account after losing the “marvelous” Google Authenticator because it is not backed up with your system. Most of my accounts with 2FA I did not lose access because they were store on Authy and most of my recovery codes on Enpass.

Actually I lost access to my original account more then a year ago together with some other account from other sites that I managed to recover. Now I passed my phone to my mother an got a new one and with the explosion of the “Human Malware” I started touring through more forums and remembered that I have lost my access. I tried sending emails, but your tough people and obviously wouldn’t answer. :slight_smile:

Do I have any change of you helping recover it?


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You should probably email or DM a mod for this instead of posting a whole topic.


@marcelo Dm a mod please.

Also, there is a way to recover if you saved the backup codes otherwise no dice.

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