Is there a true monitor that is a Gaming Monitor?

So today I have gotten into an argument today with someone in my class about weather or not their is gaming monitors. My argument is that their is no such thing as a gaming monitor. There are only monitors that meet the needs of a gamer. 


According to him, a gaming monitor is something that meets the specification of what MLG says is a gaming monitor. Well according to him this Monitor I can't remember the name, is built for gaming because it meets the "MLG Specs".


So is their actual monitors built for gaming or is their just monitors?

The only thing a "gaming monitor" needs is low pixel response time and low input lag, which can usually be found in any 120Hz TN panel.

But you only care about that if you play competitively, in which case, you already know what you need.

For regular gaming, 120Hz is actually useful for smoother image, so it's nice to have anyway.

Meh, you're having an argument over semantics.  The term "Gaming Monitor", as mentioned above is really just a monitor with a good response time and low input lag.  However, semantics aside, yes there are monitors made specifically for gaming.  BenQ for example has a couple monitor lines specifically designed for gaming, the XL line and the RL line, which have multiple features aimed squarely at gamers.  

So, sorry.  But you're wrong on this one.  Gaming monitors exist, both colloquially and literally.

A monitor, described as a "gaming monitor", is something a manufacturer uses to lure consumers in that particular market into. You want a monitor in terms of the positive reviews, specs and your personal opinion.

1440p monitors don't meet MLG specification? I'm sorry but I will spot someone at distance before they see me on their 120Hz panels :P Not so good for games like CoD. True men should play games like Rising Storm, anyway...

"gaming" is just a buzz word.

MLG gaming monitors are only monitors that were either donated or given to mlg at a major discount, of course they wouldn't use bad monitors, but the only monitors they say are "gaming" are their sponsors