Is there a Tek shootout vid comparing 6700k, 6800k, 12C BW-E, and "garbage" dual Xeon?

Wendell tweeted today about a video Tek has for the shootout in the Topic. I would love to see the comparison of the generations when it comes to productivity! I have looked / searched nut not productively. I have looked here on the vid posts for the last three months, searches using keywords here and in Google, checked the Tek YT channels I know about, and more. This should be easy to find, but I have been beaten. Can someone please let me know if this video has indeed been published and let me know where it is? I can SWEAR that I have seen or read something about this before too, not the first time I have heard of it. Here is the relevant tweet:

@Dimitry49 We have a 4-way shootout vid w/this & 12C BW-E & 6800k & "garbage computer" 2x xeon 2670. Adobe sucks past 4 core scalability

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Craftyhack - Wendell mentioned in the most recent "The Tek" video on Youtube that he is working on it. My ears perked up when he said that. His main point seemed to revolve around the speed to render 4k video and 3D scenes using particular software. (Something adobe I think...) What caught my attention was that Skylake being less costly can achieve higher overclock speeds and therefore might be a better CPU as compared to X-99 (Haswell-E and Broadwell-E.)

But, i7-6700K Skylake is limited to 16 PCI Express lanes. That's a big limitation for me. So, I'll be interested what he has to say regarding that topic.

It is really about time that video hits the ground....
Fuck all the 1070s and RGB infested motherboards and shit!
That stuff is everywhere and it does bore me to death.

Thanks for the replies all! And yep, I watched the old server->gaming workstation video as soon as it went up, and IIRC, he mentioned he was working on it in there. My bad, I should have come here to update my thread. Damn 140 char tweets, I assume Wendell didn't have room to state it in a future tense way.

And agreed, between all of the tech channels I sub to, I have been absolutely inundated with GPU (1070, 1080, RX480, etc.) and RGB** everything, to the point that I have not watched many of them, and I have so many sub notifications that I have missed stuff I wanted to watch in all that mess. Then again, I watch a ton of these review videos for shit that I know I am not in the market for and have been for years, so maybe that is a good thing, I have no idea why I watch them vs. doing something useful with the time.

As I type this on an RGB KB, next to my RGB mouse, plugged into a PC with RGB integrated in the cooling solution. Whatever :).

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I am really waiting for this one...

Unfortunately as far as I know @wendell is not in control over that video right now. And because it is not a sponsored review, I don't even think @Logan is interested in posting it. It has been months now...

Stuff like this is why I am completely ok with patrons dropping out left and right.

Tsss... from that statement, it seems that @wendell is the only guy here that makes sense :/