Is there a solid way to touch type or practice?

I have a thinkpad L520 and I love it, but the keys cannot be rearranged at all. Is there a solid way to practice touch typing?

just…practice typing? A lot? Generally adjusting to a laptop keyboard takes a few days at most before I’m up to maximum typing speed.

What do you mean rearranged? Do you typically rearrange the keys on a keyboard?

A typing tutor might help, there seem to be quite a few free ones around these days that put you through exercises. That should be the best option. Or if you don’t want to do that, you could play “The typing of the Dead” a bunch.

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aww only wave 11. Nice game. Not really a tutor though, just good for practice.

True, but that’s what the OP asked for

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I use dvorak so normally yes.

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When Simo Häyhä, the Finnish WWII sniper was asked how he got so good at sharpshooting, his response was



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But he also had a 50 Cal chaingun with a 10X scope strapped to it the entire war.

Just for practicing, I use gtypist and klavaro. Gtypist or GNU Typist is a cli one from the Cult of GNU and Klavaro IMO isn’t the best to start with as it uses sets of 5 letters early on and that kind of instills bad typing habits. Most Distros have those 2 in the repos and they are both also available on windows. Then as other people have stated, lots of free online ones.

Download a elementary school typing program from the 90s

See Spot Run

this is what my high school made me use in our tech orientation class

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