Is there a problem with my pc ?::?

ok so i bought this pc in january it had 7.9 processor and memorey score in windows index

and in windows 8 it had 8.0 

but now it has decreased to 7.8 in windows 7 and 7.9 in windows 8 

so is there a problem  with the pc ?

every thing in windows 7 works fine having no problem games programmes etc 

and in windows 8 some games lag for a sec 

should i be worried :? 

here are 3dmark scores for 





and yeah everytime i re run assesment in windows 7 the score is 7.7 or 7.8 

not having same issue in windows 8 though

please tell me if anything is wrong should i be worried cause i asked microsoft they told me my processor or motherboard could be faulty?

windows 8 has a differnt windows experience index (windows 7 gos up to 7.9 and windows 8 gos up to i think 9.9 i havent tryed windows 8 for ages)

Have you swiched off amd cool n quiet? this can affect the windows score sometimes (and dont run enything  on your pc when running the test)

yes i switched off that too and i know it goes till 9.9

i am saying it was 8.0 in win 8 but now it is 7.9