Is there a L1 HDMI KVM?

I currently have a L1 DP1.4 KVM that I use with my Acer Predator CG437K. No display lag at all and the polling rates of my devices stay at 1000Hz through the L1 DP1.4 KVM. Very satisfied! Awesome product.

So why do I need an HDMI KVM?

I recently got myself a StepmaniaX Touch Monitor and two StepmaniaX stages so that I can enjoy the whole 5-panel arcade dance game experience at home.

Since I also play Stepmania (the original 4-panel game) on my computer, I am looking to find a two-computer one-display HDMI KVM that works flawlessly with 1000Hz polling rate & does not add any sort of display lag. The StepmaniaX stages can connect to a PC to be used like a standard dance pad with StepMania. As can the monitor, as it has a standard HDMI input.

That way I can switch the arcade pads & HDMI output to and from my PC and the arcade machine, without any sort of polling rate degradation.

I can measure polling rate with the linux program evhz (available on sourcehut) on my machine.
If I have to, I can resort to just buying random crap off of Amazon, check the polling rate, then return if it doesn’t poll at 1000Hz. But if there is any way to still purchase a L1 HDMI KVM (it seems like it was offered at one point in time), I would prefer that to avoid the headache.

Alternatively, if there is a 2-computer 1-display HDMI KVM that is identical to the L1 KVM in reliability and polling rate performance that someone can vouch, I’ll take their word on it.

I can hand fix you up. Email me wendell at level1techs dot com

No HDMI 2.1 yet but getting there

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Thx! Will email. :smiley:

HDMI 2.0 is fine, it’s just a giant 1080p 60Hz touch monitor.

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