Is There A Device

Alright... So i have a pair of headphones, But i want to plug it into TWO computers, At the SAME TIME, I want to plug my 3.5mm Plug into a little thingy, That has Two more Long corded 3.5mm cords coming out of the other end so i can connect my headset into two computers, Is there such a thing? And if so, What is it called?

If not... Any way i can still do this?

You could ghetto-rig it by using an airplane adapter and two extension cables. When I was travelling back from Germany a couple years ago my friend and I found out that you can plug the airplane adapter things into two separate audio sources and each source will act as one channel. It was amusing listening to Tool in one ear and Beethoven's 9th in the other.

EDIT: It would be 3.5mm cords to adapter, adapter to headphones.

A Dual 3.5mm (male) to 3.5mm (female) cable ?? You could probably find one on amazon.

Edit : Didn't find it on Amazon but I did find on another site. Heres the link :


yes there is a device for that, it's called a mixer, this is one of the cheapest out.

I'd recommend using it's headphone or line out into a headphone amp, as I want to say the mixers headphone out has something stupid like a 50 ohm output impedance.


there's a reason splitters aren't called joiners.


I would run the audio out from one of the computers to the line in on the other, then connect the headphones to that one. All you'd need for that is a male to male 3.5mm cable.

That sounds like it would either work terribly or not all.

it would be easier to divide by zero

A Dual 3.5mm male to female would not work. I'd just look for a good inexpensive mixer. You could also use a home theater receiver. Some receivers have a headphone jack or RCA outputs. Either way, you would also need 2 RCA to 3.5mm cables. If you're going with the mixer you'd also need an adapter for whatever inputs the mixer has (most likely RCA also but sometimes 1/4). 

A Dual 3.5mm male to female would not work

Yes it would. I have done so.

i can't say if the the interference of two inputs would be an issue as far as a listening standpoint, but from an electrical standpoint there's no reason a splitter wouldn't work

If you can't find a splitter I'd say make your own,

Get one of these:

Two of these:

And some 3 conductor cable and heatshrink you should be good to go

Look for a 3.5 to 3.5 to 3.5 "Y" splitter then, if you need more line, a female 3.5 to male 3.5 cable and be sure to heat shrink or electrical tape the female to male ends together.