Is the Sandisk Ultra a quality ssd?

I'm asking because I've been looking at a 256gb which considerably (and oddly) cheaper than all the other 256gb ssds, where I shop at. The Sandisk is $185AU(, where as the other ssds are priced around $200-$300AU. ( and so is this a quality ssd based on corrupting potential and speed(which is quite good).

i own a few of the 120GB sandisk Extreme SSDs and they run very well.  all the other SSDs are more do to the fact the Sequential read and write times are better then sandisk ultra plus

my main computer uses a corsair 240 GS which has really good Sequential read and write times. 

i would spend an extra 15$ and go with this one it uses the sand force controller and has better read and write. 

This is bad advice.

SandForce produces by far the least reliable controllers/firmwares.

The most reliable are Samsung and Micron(crucial).

The Sandisk Ultra uses a marvell controller and Sandisk NAND Flash which makes it far more reliable than ANY Sandforce based SSD.

So far my sandisks have been pretty reliable and reasonably fast .

I own a OCZ Vertex 3, Crucial M100, 2 Sandisk plus, none of them have failed yet. IMO they are pretty good considering their quality in microssd. I'd consider them the kodak or at least one of the top 5 brands on SSD along with Samsung, Intel, Toshiba and crucial.


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