Is The Razer Taipan Good? or Are There Better alternatives?

Im looking at the razer Taipan right now and its looking like a really good mouse to buy. I like the sports car like aesthetic, the size and form. I'm a mix between claw grip and fingertip grip. Should i get it though? or are there cheaper just as good or better options?

Generally razer is a brand that most people, including myself don't like. for me it's the flashiness, small size and poor quality. Check out the stuff by corsair, steel series, Logitech and mad cats.

I feel like this would be a better and cheaper alternative I personally use a kinzu v2 which is similar but smaller and I like it.


Why you no G500s?


I also don't get Razer. They are supposed to be flashy, but... I don't see the beauty in them. They look too plain at the same time. 

if you like ambi-mouses you should try out mionix avior 8200

I use the Taipan but I regret buying it. It's too light, the buttons don't feel the way I thought an expensive mice should feel and the bottom accumulates dust very quickly which distorts the laser sometimes.

If you want razer just get the deathadder

I sorry,but have you ever owned a razer product? No hate anger or intended.


I have owned more Razor products than of any other brand and I can say, their quality SUCKS. Seriously. Not a single product I have ever bought from them have lasted for more than 5 months. Mad cats is a similar story. I was tempted to grab a cyborg but decided to get a g600 because it was one $120 less thanm the mad cats equivalent and second logitech are well know for quality.

really depends on what you're looking for in a mouse. 

My favorite sensor right now are probably from Zowies. Zowie doesn't compete in the dpi race like other brands are. Which is erroding the quality of other brand's sensors. As a result Zowie's sensors feels much rawer and more responsive. They lack customization, with only 3 dpi steps. Something like the zowie ec2 evo cl or zowie fk would be two mice you might like from them. The ec2 is like mid size right hand ergonomic. The FK is smaller ambidextrous.

I'm also a big fan of the Zowie ec1 evo. I actually bought it based on Logan's review that he did.  I've had it for about 9 months so far and I have had absolutely nothing to complain about.  The rubber coating feels amazing, tracking is excellent, scroll wheel is nice, and I really like the placement of the thumb buttons.  


Logan's review -



Personally, i find that mouse ugly

im eyeballing this one (it and the anker mice are the same, what do you guys think? im not spending much just because i'm also buying a headset and some other stuff

I've personally never heard of them, but the first link has over 100 reviews and a pretty good ratiing.  So might as well try it.


However, they are quite ugly imo.

Decided to go with this, apparently they don't ship to Canada so i changed it, still think this is a good mouse though, Linus did a unboxing of it. (ill upgrade to mechanical later)

cheap mice i'd recommend are the logitech g100s and the cm storm xornet.

Like Razer no other imo in the elite category of peripherals. You can check out the special BF4 edition of the Taipan here: