Is the PSU in this build ok for gaming?

A little worried because there are a lot of mixed reviews on this PSU. Let me know your thoughts

Firstly, Please delete the other 2 duplicate threads.

Secondly, nothing wrong with that power supply what so ever.

- zanginator

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The Corsair builder series are a fairly reliable power supply line. Do realize though that these are really inexpensive power supplies, so there is ONLY so much you can expect from them, but you should have absolutely no problems running a mid-grade build off this PSU with minimal fuss. If you are terribly concerned about it you can either go up to a better series of Corsair (like the CX) or you can go to NZXT or OCZ or some other brand. Also, the higher the level of 80+, usually (only usually) it is a relatively good measure of the quality of the power supply, especially if you start talking gold or platinum. But those are kinda crazy expensive overkill.

um first off... i hold a different view than most people on the forum. i never buy name brand PSU's. they dont actually make the psu anyway. as long as the stats on the psu is good, then it should be good. 80+ is a good way to tell, but if you can find the spec sheet. i currently use a soly tec that is 800w 80+ platnum...

actual info about wattage output, total signal distortion, how close it is to a reference voltage and so forth is a MUCH better guide on quality than the name stamped onto it.


saying that, a quick search on newegg brought this up:

a few DOA reviews, but new egg has a great RMA policy. it cheap, modular, and you get free earbuds. ( just my $0.02

Thanks for the info so far guys! Also just wanted to apologize for the spam. I honestly had no idea about the duplicate post till you guys told me! Sorry!

The problem with that power supply is simply that it is running multiple 12 V rails, which has a much higher tendency to mismatch voltages or have surges, spikes or inconsitancies between the two rails. So I wouldn't recommend that PSU simply because of that. Also, it is okay to judge certain things by their covers, especially when both companies that produce for Corsair happen to produce a good, reliable product.

I'm also one of those people that investigates a deal when I think there is one to be had by finding obscure, high quality stuff. But I also like the reassurance that comes from having a brand that you can trust to produce the same kind of quality that they say they do.

No, there is nothing wrong with that PSU.