Is the price difference worth it

Since the AMD r9 280x price is still rising i think i am changing my mind about getting one and going after the Nvidia GTX 780. Would you say the price to performance is worth spending the extra 100$ or so to get at GTX 780.

Also, if i did decide to get the Nvidia card i would definitely go after an Nvidia Shield.


I wouldn't really say so

Yes. A 780 is a monster though overlooked by many. Getting a high end 780 card will last a long time and outperform 99% of current cards at 1080p. AMD cards have poor value for the money now while the 780 has very good value for the money since the price drop. But because everyones eyes was on the 290x, It was overlooked and the 780 ti is about 30% faster than a stock 780. But on the extreme side of overclocking even on air, You will see performance rivaling a stock or even custom cooled 780 ti's with a basic OC

I would definitely not pay the inflated price for the 280x (and this is coming from a current 280x owner). If you can afford it, I would say to go the next step up. Seeing as how the AMD cards are all inflated right now, the only step up which would make much sense would be the 780. That said, if you can wait for the prices to drop, or for nVidia to release their next line of cards, that would be ideal. Too bad that we have no idea when the prices will drop and the new cards won't be out until the second half of the year. So yeah, your best option at the moment seems to be the 780. You could think about upgrading other parts of your system and holding off on the gpu, or just keep saving up and eventually get like the 880 when it comes out.

Ok that is a great idea i probably will go with the 780 for now and then tell my wife to deal with it when i get the next gen nvidia card . She'll understand because she gets all my hand me downs. She is not a hard core gamer so she does not care. Just as long as she can do school on it is all she cares about.


Thanks for the help guys!