Is the NZXT Kraken X60 CPU Water Cooler compatible with the Tempest 410 Elite?

Please explain in detail if you can.

If the Tempest 410 Elite has a spot to mount a 280mm radiator (also listed as 2x140mm fan mounts), then it'll fit fine.

I would caution against getting this cooler. The price is just not that great. For not much more you can get the cutsom loop beginner kit from XSPC (about 165.00). 

I currently have the X60 and can say I'm not exactly stoked on the performance. Don't get me wrong, the thing performs well, but I was expecting better.

What's your overclock? At 4.6 on a 3770K it idles around 30-40 degrees. I'd call that ridiculous.

Maybe your mount is loose?