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Is the NZXT H400(i) discontinued or just out of stock?

NZXT H400, micro ATX with the clean aesthetic. Preferably white and black. I know the full ATX and mini ITX size lives on but I like the micro ATX size. I really like it.

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Is this case discontinued or is it just out of stock like most things right now?

Honestly I haven’t heard anything about those…
Check the NZXT website. They have a list of retailers so you can check for one that have it and is convenient for you.

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I’ve been TRYING to buy several computer related items. And not having much luck. Even after having looked at as many as 6 - 7 retailers, I still haven’t been able to get several things.

Even Amazon hasn’t had many of them. And the ones they do have i have been hesitant to buy. On good days their delivery has been shit. I live in a secure building. But with what’s going on … Will I ever see it?

My guess is that retailers aren’t getting their orders, so stock is low or non-existent.