Is the new 12 gb PS3 slim-slim worth it?

Hey, I’ve been thinking about buying a ps3 for a while now, and with Sony releasing the new slim-slim versions, i was wondering if it was worth buying the 12 GB version which has an SSD, or the 250 GB version? Or should, i just buy a regular 160 GB slim?

buy neither new consoles if thats what you want are due release 2013


I just bought a PS3 recently and it's amazing. One of the best buys I have made in a while, enjoying it to the fullest.

Now onto the PS3 itself : unless you are going to play only from CD's, I wouldn't recomment 12 GB 160/320 GB would be much better. Why is that you might ask? Well, there's a PlayStation Plus subscription, you pay 11.99 or 17.99$ for 3 months. You get free games every month, and as long as you "purchase" them, they never go away and you can download and play them as long as you have an active subscription. The games you get, varies from the region you're in, EU/US (you can create both EU/US accounts, but you will have to buy Playstation Plus for each account you have) and they're not bad games, just this month, EU got Batman Arkham City for free, last month Crysis 2, previously we got Resident Evil 5, Red Dead Redemption, Infamous 2 and more. This is where the higher capacity HDD's in PS 3's come in, some games take up as much as 17 GB of space, that's why having a PS3 that has a lot of room is good, you can store more than 1 game and then you don't have to delete it and then re-download it if you want to replay it.

I hope it wasn't too hard to understand my thought process while reading it, if you have any questions, please ask them, I will be glad to answer them as best as I can.

i was wondering, if your able to use an external hard drive, to increase space?

Well, as far as I know, you could replace the internal hard drive with a 2.5" one.

And void the warranty.


Did they update firmware or such to actually make use of the SSD?  Some videos I've seen about swapping PS3/Xbox360 HDD for SSD yielded very little in performance.  If it's still true that SSD doesn't have much impact I would swap that SSD for a HDD if the price is right.  Not to say the least but consoles near the end of 2013 seems interesting...

I don't think it will have a significant impact. Probably faster load times

LOL, yeah. But I think everyone here is everyone here is smart enough to 'hack' their console without having to be afraid of not having a warranty

Loads won't be affected unless you have the game installed onto the ssd. Good if you buy games online and download from it.

Other wise, You'll save better and load the save faster. But your loading what like 30mb? On a regular hdd thats a second or so. SSD may net half a second.

Replacing the hard drive does not void the warranty.

but can you just use an external hard drive or a usb to store saves? I already have an xbox but there are so many awesome PS3 exclusives (metal gear solid, god of war, little big planet...etc), and is it just a quick reformat to get it work?