Is the Monitor ASUS XG27WQ a good joice?

I’m still searching for a good monitor for a tripple setup.
I have a budget of 2k (~700€ per), i prefer VA and a screen size of 27".
Which led me to this monitor.

Things that i find strange:

  • A lot of “reviews” are for the XG279Q, but they get linked it to the XG27WQ
  • Arround 10% of the people have problems with glow
  • Professionals: HDR is usless, common folks - i like this HDR (I have not witness this feature, is it good even if it is average/bad? )

Any advise, other suggestions or tell me that i should buy this rather then someting different?

As far as VA technology goes HardwareUnboxed praises the Samsung G7. They mentioned that Samsung’s newest VA is better than the competition so I would read some reviews on it. Should be in your price range.

HDR is a “feature” that a lot of monitors boast but there is an actual candela requirement (I cant recall off my head), probably 1000+cd/m2 but I am certain its not 400cd/m2 like most “HDR” monitors have.

The contrast ratio should also be be more than 1,000,000:1, theoretically infinite if you are using an OLED panel.

Yes, - but i heard that it has a high input lag (8ms > 3,3ms)