Is the Hyper 212 evo the king of budget coolers.(from r/buildapc)

I thought this was pretty informative. Since even on reddit they always reccommend the cooler master hyper 212 evo.

The 212 evo is basically the best bang for your buck cooler out there if you are only spending like $30 on a cooler 

During CES 2013 Cooler Master was showing the new design of the Hyper 212 X. Some changes to fan design and materials used. Here is the link. The coolers show up around the ½ way point of this video. Hopefully improving on an already great little cooler.


But in some cases you can get much quieter cooling for only 10-20 dollars more. In one case less than that

I must say, additionally, Scythe with their Mugen and Shuriken series make for decent alternatives as well when on a budget.

I run 4.8ghz daily on mine with a 2600k. I've pushed it to 5.1ghz but it will heat up under too much load :) I love this cooler (granted I have the fans ramp up 100% under full load because I wear headphones so don't care about the noise.)

the Diablotek Gaia has near the same performance and is 10 bucks cheaper