Is the Hp 8460p Or Dell Latitude E6430 Worth it?

Im starting college soon and i want to get a laptop but limited on budget around $300
new laptops at this price point just dont give any type of performance at all which i understand $300 isnt a lot of money
so i thought i would buy a used laptop i came across these old (2010-2011) business laptops that look really powerful for the price
the Hp 8460p and Dell Latitude E6430 both have an Intel i5 (2nd gen for the HP and 3rd gen for the Dell) can both have up 16gb of ram i think
and fitted with an SSD to make boot times quick and snappy i see them on amazon referb for around $250 to $300 is this a good bang for your buck?

Sounds like they're pretty decent to me. i5 is not a bad chip (and I'm an AMD guy).

Remember that a laptop is not your only option for mobility -- a desktop for when you're in dorm/apartment/refrigerator-box and a tablet or even a phone with a bluetooth keyboard can be an excellent option. Slightly more expensive, but less to carry. 

that is true, but id like to have at least a little power to play some small games (indies,LoL,Hearthstone and older titles) i dont mind the extra weight i just feel this are so much better than newer laptops at this price point from what ive seen. they have almost no upgradeability.

I have a Desktop i just want a laptop for school stuff and when im at work.

I disagree that you can't do work on a tablet.

I have experience with the E6430, and I'd always go for a dell laptop over an hp. Though the HP you show is running an intel chip (sorry amd, your laptops tend to be awful). The dell has great build quality, the soft touch rubber is amazing as well. The only issue I've had is the speakers are very quiet, but you can boost them in windows.


It really depends on what you're doing.

If "work" is writing an essay, taking notes from a lecture, or other simple tasks, yes, absolutely. 

If "work" is rendering videos, editing music, or heavy program development with lots of compiling, then no, absolutely not. 

Generally laptops aren't a good platform for upgradeability though, you usually pay premium for any. 

With these desires for a laptop, I'd certainly suggest a clearance'd older model or a refurbished one, so you seem to be on the right track already.

i wonder why these laptops are so cheap 4 or 5 years ago these went for $1000+

cause they are out-dated as hell that's why. that always happens to tech, for example, a AMD 6970 came out in 2010, it launched at $369 dollars if i remember correctly, now-a-days you can grab one for $90 dollars. same goes for laptops. a 2015 laptop in 2020 may go for like $200 bucks.