Is the HD 5770 still good?

I've been running the HD 5770 since late 2011, is the card still good or should I upgrade to a GTX 760 or wait till the new Radeon cards come out?

No, no, no it is not.

You gotta admit, it's better then nothing

HD 4850 owner here. Stay with it until something breaks or you need more power.

Basically you tell us

If you have to switch the settings to low in the games you play just to get a playable frame rate then the answer is obvious

It's ok, my 6770, which is basically a rebadged 5770, held up pretty well. Until it fried. That was most likely my fault though, and I plan on getting either a used 7850 or 7870, depending on the prices.

I'll hook you up with a used 7850. $150, will negotiate (;

Wait for new Radeons


Really depends on what games you are playing and the settings you want, but in general, the 5770 is still fairly fast, I'd say almost as fast as a 7750.

Well i've just upgraded on my very old 4670, and i can tell you it is definitly worth upgrading, i wouldn't have thought i'd be so happy about spending $1000 on a new pc

just get a 7770 i just did and it is amazing