Is the Fractal Define S (or R5) Magnetic? Asking for an LED strip

self explanatory, I want to put Cablemod LED strips in a case, but of course I don't have it yet so I can't test it. They have Foam Adhesive ones but not in every variety, so Magnetic would be better

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Lemme check real quick, got an R5 nearby

EDIT : Bottom, front, top and rear are magnetic indeed. Full steel chassis.


I can confirm, have bitfenix magnetic led strips all around inside in my Define S

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its made of steel you're good to go.

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@CaptainChaos @cityle @SantaClausii Thanks Guys!!

If you are buying case lighting, I suggest that you DO NOT buy from companies like Newegg, CanadaComputers, NCIX, or any one of those companies. They completely rip off the customer and seriously over-charge on it. Buy from somewhere like Amazon or Ebay. It may take a bit of looking around to find one's that will work extremely easily with your motherboard, but you will save a lot of money this way, and get much longer lengths.



Looked for 5 minutes, and found this LED strip which is half the price, contains double the LED's, and should plug directly into your motherboard.
Ebay: (to find this, I searched "RGB LED Strip 5050 5m". 5050 is the size of the RGB LED in mm)

If you look around for a while, you can find even cheaper.

I spent some time looking at this and I would probably rather go with some sort of NZXT kit or something, because those are meant for cases, so I don't have to do anything silly like buy elbow connectors to have more than one strip, have to put the IR remote sensor out in the open, or route a power supply cable out of an expansion slot.

@TheAlmightyBaconLord Those look like I would need a power adapter for them?
And some sort of controller?

@Culverin Some motherboards have a header built into them which allows for you to plug it directly in, power it, and control it (software needed).

For example, this motherboard
There is a pin header on the center bottom of the board labeled "RGB Header". The string of LED's will plug directly into that.

If your motherboard does not have that, you will need something like this kit to be able to control the LED's
However, if done this way, you are more limited on the colour spectrum and features.

Aside from those two ways, I have no clue how else you'd power and be able to effectively control that RGB LED Strip (exclude use of separate PC such as Raspberry PI) . The Newegg RGB LED Strip which I linked seems to plug directly into the motherboard.

Edit: Found a Newegg link for an RGB Strip which doesn't plug into the motherboard. It's basically identical to the one that I linked, except more expensive, and a shorter length. You basically save money and get more by buying the EBay variant, plus, if it's trash or DOA, you can get a refund almost every time.