Is the FPS genre dying?

I remember the days of games like Doom 2, Quake, Rise of the Triad, the really fast pace fps arena shooters. Those were the pioneer games of the FPS genre and they did it well. Now we keep seeing games like Call of Duty and Battlefield making the same games over and over. The same formula with a different coat of paint. All they care about is realism and slow paced game-play. There isn't anything inherently wrong with this type of game play but its causing the genre to grow awfully sterile. I had hope that DOOM would bring back the glory days of FPS games, but they have fallen victim to the Call of Duty/ Halo style of FPS games.

Is the FPS genre dying? The only hope seems to be with CS:GO?

you can only revolutionize an industry so many times


Yeah, it's been around for so long you can't help but to repeat over and over again.

exactly, everything gets stale eventually

The genre could be revitalised if BF5 is as good as BC2.


I think that the industry is going for a more popular demand. they are doing what people are used to make sure that they get there money instead of trying something new. you can see this in other genres too. look at the platformer genre or the rpg genre. they all feel like a formula. even something like the movie industry is taking the approach.

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It's more about the money than making a quality game.



It's not dying as much as it got over saturated a couple years back, where everything was made into FPS. Then everything was made MMO, now everything is MOBA and multiplayer only game, etc...
Reinventing the wheel isn't possible and people finally understood that in FPS genre. Now they need to understand what story is, because many shooters are made multiplayer only...

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I think multiplayer kinda killed it, they make so much money off of it they forget about single player.

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fps is in the same boat as any other genre right now, what you should be asking yourself is if you actually still enjoy fps. i myself grew up on doom, ut, quake etc. but i still think cod is great as an fps, putting aside the whole meme side its popular for a reason, its fast especially with the boosting stuff now and it does require skill to aim, cs go is still the staple competitive game for pc so thats doing great, the new doom i havent tried yet but i hear has major balancing problems and other wtf things like not being able to pick up weapons lol

Isn´t Overwatch to be seen as an team based FPS similar to CS:GO?
I do not think this genre is dying, it is just changeing to better suit 12 year old rage kids someone blindly handed a console.

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Well theres CSGO, Combat Arms (whigh still holds the quake style I like, been playing that recently), TF2, Toxxik (a quake clone), the Halo CE crowd is still going..... Its not dying, you're just not looking very hard :3

I wouldn't say it's dying, more that we're looking in the wrong places for it. I'll admit, there are so many games in the genre now compared to 10 years ago. I think we should be looking at the smaller studios/indie developers. AAA studios have a different mindset, a different goal and different needs to meet so you're going to get a different game. There are some smaller studios/smaller teams in bigger studios (EPIC) that are making some incredible games. I reference Epic's recreation (I couldn't think of a better word for it) of Unreal Tournament. It's an amazing transformation, and playing Facing Worlds on the modern Unreal Engine is a treat. I'm a regular Killing Floor 2 player that quite frankly kicks ass. I can't remember the last time a game was so community focused (and they nailed Steam Greenlight for me) You've got games like Fistful of Frags and Superhot that are also awesome.

The last big FPS I loved was Borderlands 2. It stands for me as one of the most exciting and fun games I've ever played.

Unless you've somehow managed to get an early copy of the game (who do you know that I don't? :O) then there is no way of saying that the single player has gone along the same lines as Call of Duty/Halo. The multiplayer for Doom was developed by Certain Affinity (Known for creating Halo multiplayer modes), not id Software. I imagine the two will play differently.

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A good single player game won't save the genre, if it is in fact dying.

All the games have gotten away from awesome weapons like the BFG where you can mow bad guys down and concentrate on a more realistic fight and better enemies.
Sometimes I don't want a fair fight, sometimes I want a HUGE body count.
In the 50's the Army developed the Davy Crocket. A small Jeep mounted rocket launcher with a small tactical nuke. I want one in my game!!!!:)

Wait... isn't this the one that was played at the Lan Party and has very "meh" reviews?

That was Doom.

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