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Is the forum layout original?


Just wondering if the OG tek syndicate/level 1 team came up with this type of forum or if it’s based on something?

As it’s a really great way to handle a forum in a lot of ways. Is the base code commercial/marketable? Or is it already under GPL v 2/3 ?

Licensing the layout if it’s original may be a great way to generate recurring income for level 1 unless yall are already doing that.


The forum is discourse with some plugins and a theme that @kreestuh has put together. The software wasn’t made by level1.

It’s open source / free software under the GPLv2


Here’s the software link. We’ve done some custom stuff with the theme and function but it’s mostly this.


The devs of discourse even use discourse to discuss about new features, plugins, ux desgins, etc. Is a great place to go if your wanting to get into discourse


Are you guys still working on the format from a couple weeks ago? There are still a couple weird things that look like mistakes to me.


Things can be updated as little quirks are found that aren’t quite right. If you find any you can made a thread for it in #l1techs:Bug-report


Sure, I’ll do that now. Thanks


How much work would it be to have a staging server to get feedback on new layout changes before rolling them into the main site? or something?

Ideally it would be hooked into the same backend so we could see what a single post looks like between both and test things out.


Setting up a staging frontend hooked into the same backend would be quite a lot of work, Discourse is easy to install and maintain because it’s all in a Docker container. Once you start messing with that, it immediately collapses into a real mess.

On the other hand, setting up a completely separate staging server is very easy. You just run another copy of the container on different ports then import a Discourse backup and whammo blammo you have another running instance. Discourse is very resource-hungry compared to stuff like Xenforo or vBulletin so they’d probably be out a couple bucks per month in hosting costs, but not like, over $10-20 at 2018 prices hosting somewhere like DigitalOcean or Linode.

None of that is strictly necessary for most cosmetic stuff, though, as recent versions added theming support and they could just develop against a separate theme that users aren’t permitted to select until they “push to production” by setting it as everybody’s default.