Is the extra money worth it?

Currently I have an i5-3570k with an Asus P8Z77-V LK, I bought this down at MicroCenter for around $270 (for both,) I'm thinking of exchanging them back for the FX-8350 or the FX-8320 plus either the Sabertooth 990FX or the Gigabyte-UD3.

Total price for the UD3 and 8350 is:

$270, the same price as the i5-3570k.

Total price for the Sabertooth and 8350 is:


Total for 8320 and UD3 is:


Total for 8320 and SaberTooth is:



What do you guys think, is the extra money worth the speed, or should I keep my i5?

Thanks in advance!

You can Actully return it! Wow, Um I Would return it IF and only if you livestream/render video Otherwise keep the i5

Thanks mich, need more suggestions!

Id just keep it if you already have it and it works, you wont notice any real difference getting an 8350 

I'm looking to future proof my computer, wouldn't the AM3+ Mobo be more future proof than the socket 1155?

meh. your more likely to make a mostly new rig than swap cpus, and unless you stream/record or edit video or something along those lines, you won't notice a difference, and your probably better off staying with you already tested and familiar setup.

Thanks! I'll stay with my i5 than, should I replace the asus board for an Asrock E4 or an MSI z77-G41? The MSI is about $40, the Asrock is the same price as the asus.

I take it you dont stream/render? And stay with the mobo you have.

Nope, I don't render or stream.