Is the EVGA Hadron right for me?

I need a small form factor pc because I don't have that much room in my room and if I need to move it I can. So when I saw the EVGA hadron I fell in love. But will the thermals be ok? I will put a 4770k or a 4790k which ever one is cheaper when I but the parts and a 980 will it be to hot.

Note I will be flipping the 2 exhaust fans at the top to have positive air pressure and I'll put a screen dust filter over top..

Thanks to anyone who helps

Should be more than fine unless you are wanting to overclock the crap out of your cpu.

This is my first build so I wont overclock

If you aren't going to overclock, why get a K version of the 4770 or the 4790? They cost quite a bit more and the only thing they have is the unlocked multiplier.

The Hadron should be fine, though like all mitx cases, a pain in the ass to manage.

CPU Advise
What do you plan on doing with this PC because for most people i7's are usually a little overkill. If you're going to be mostly gaming gaming then I would suggest going with and i5 4690K. However if you need the capabilities of an i7 without overclocking I would suggest picking up a Xeon 1231 V3

Case Advise
The Hadron is by no means a bad case however I would suggest taking a look at the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX chassis. It's probably my favorite ITX case on the market right now and should meet your needs all the same. There's a link to the case posted below, if you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to ask.

The Case: