Is the CSL network card any good?

Right, so it appears that this stupid NIC build in my MSI Z87-GD65 gaming mainboard is not really well supported in linux and they don't release any proprietary drivers for it, so since this CSL NIC is just 5 quid (or 10 euros in my case) I thought I just buy that and be done with it. My questions any of you any idea if this will work properly under linux?

It says that it is Gigabit, so it should be fine. Take that with a grain of salt though, I have no experience with that exact card.

This is more about software compatibility then about the actual hardware

The killer NICs are only compatible with Linux 3.10 or higher, but they do work. What problem are you having with them?

As for that PCI card I've never heard of them and searching for them brings up Amazon and this thread. If your wanted a cheap nic I'd go for tp-link. But your onboard nic should work fine.

I have a thread about those problems here, if you have any ideas here:

I replied to your previous topic.

Now that I've read the other topic, if you decide to buy a different nic id recommend this one over any of the cheap ones, and really.. Its still quite cheap, its all hardware based, and should just work.