Is the CalDigit TS4 worth the price tag?

Hi! I noticed that a few of the previous threads on Thunderbolt 4 docks are a bit outdated now, so I decided to create a new post.

I’m looking to get a thunderbolt 4 dock for my Intel MBP laptop (4 thunderbolt 3 2020, yes I think buying a TB4 dock future proofing me) and a lot of youtube videos and articles recommend the TS4.

At 460 Euros on Amazon it is clearly more expensive than the Dell WD22TB4, Lenovo TB 4, and the Corsair, and comparing them the TS4 does offer significantly more connectivity but is it worth it? I am not a video content creator I just use my laptop for work and productivity at home, so at most it would be using 2 external 4K displays, 4 USB devices and power. My own pros/cons:

  • Best connectivity
  • Guaranteed to work with Macs
  • Best power throughput
  • Smallest form factor
  • Most expensive
  • Do I need all the connectivity that the Caldigit TS4 provides?

Would love to hear peoples’ thoughts on the value behind the Caldigit TS4 and why it’s being pushed over Dell, Lenovo, Corsair. And for my use case (e.g I won’t use an sd card reader). I’ve read that Dell’s docks don’t play well with Macs for example.

Having multiple 3 docs I would just pay the premium. Wendell has said good things about them and they will be my next dock when i eventually get one

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