Is the amd stock cooler decent enough?

I'm going to build a system for a friend around the a8 5600k. Now im wondering should i use ~$20 to a aftermarket cooler like truespirit 90m or is the stock cooler good enough? She uses the pc for browsing web, watching movies and casual gaming, not anything heavy. But i've still heard that the stock cooler is noisy as hell. 

the amd FM2 cooler is ok, its a little loud. i replaced it with a hyper 212 and im not looking back. spend $20 now, and save yourself a headache in the future. also, when i got the Hyper 212, my temps dropped almost 15*-20*C on the my a-10 5800k, on my i5-2500k about 10-15*C, thats a big improvement.


its pretty shit

the Hyper 212 is good advice

If you can get the older Phenom II coolers, theses are really nice.

But the FM and FX coolers, they are shitty... about the same as a stock Intel cooler...

AMD APU's tend to run a bit hot so I'd definitely go with better cooling. People I've talked to that use the stock fans tend to run hot. I'm on a laptop with an A8-4500m so I can't do much to cool my system better and my laptop tends to run hot because I'm running 3 displays, two that are at 720p while streaming at 720p.