Is the 7K1000 Laptop HDD a compatible replacement for the 5K1000?

I'm currently replacing a failed hard drive on my ASUS Q400A laptop. The HDD I'm replacing is a HGST Travel Star 5K1000 750 GB variant. I've googled this model and they come in a 1 TB model, but the 7K1000 is also 1800RPM faster, although a bit more demanding in terms of power. Would it be a safe choice to go with the 7K1000 under these circumstances, or would I end up setting my computer on fire/out $100 from buying an incompatible HDD?

Here are the specs for my laptop. A photo of the HDD is to follow.

• Intel Core i7 3632QM (2.20GHz)
• 8GB Memory 750GB HDD
• Intel HD Graphics 4000
• 1366 x 768
• Windows 8 64-Bit
• DVD Super Multi

Here are links to both of the hard drives specs on I am not an expert at this so I need the input of someone who can tell me what all of this means so I can make a final decision.

5K1000 (The one I currently have)

7K1000 (The one I ideally want to replace the old one with)

Yep, they're both 9.5mm thick drives, so there would be no issue, physically.

The 5K is 5400rpm, and the 7K is 7200rpm; meaning the 7K can achieve better read and write speeds. The 7K can use another 0.5V +/- 5%, but this shouldn't have much of an effect on battery life, as drives idle a lot of the time.

It also takes a little less time to access the data on the 7K, but it's not in a range which is noticeable.