Is the 760 really that bad?

Seems every time I see a build with a GTX 760 in it, people always say trash the 760 and get the R9 270x or the HD 7950. Is the 760 really that bad or is it that the 270x and the 7950 is just better for GAMING with a better price/performance ratio?

Honestly, I love the 760. It performs well from what I've seen on Youtube on various games. Maxes them out at 1080p no problem at a stable/respectable FPS. What's with the hate?

PS- I'm not a fanboy by any means. Just a gamer trying to get the best build possible on a $850-$900 budget.


760 is good. However, for the same amount of money, the 7950 is a faster, much more complete solution. The 7950 is capable of gaming above 1080p, and it's much more productive.

The 7950 competes with an overclocked 770

7950 is cheaper and more powerfull is all, but a 7870 (i'm not even going to acknowledge the rebrand) is most certainly not

it's just not at a very good price point relitive to its competition

Makes no sense to buy the 760 when a cheaper 7950 outperforms it.

I pretty much expected most of what you guys said. I will probably get the 7950 unless the R9 280x is on sale and if it fits in my budget.

well radeon 7950´s went backup in price again, they are not cheaper then a GTX760 anymore.  But you can get a 7950 for arround the same price as a GTX760, and that makes a GTX760 not realy a good price point, if the GTX760 was arround $200 same price then a R9-270X then the GTX760 would be worth it... because a R9-270X is just a 7870 GHZ edition..

True. Which is why I'm debating on which card to get before Cyber Monday when I will order my PC. It's a toss-up between the 760($250-$260) and the 7950($270-$310) right now. If the R9 280x is on sale for around $240-$260, I might consider shelling out a few extra bucks to get the better performing card.

Here's my build as of now-

well yeah if a R9-280X gets on sale on cyber monday for a decent under $300 price.. then its worth trowing a few extra bucks into getting a R9-280X. if not just get the 7950.

p.s about your build your ram´s are probably to tall, to fit with that cpu cooler.

I thought so. Somebody requested I use that RAM since it was black and it fit with my color scheme (black/silver), and it was cheaper. What RAM would you recommend? Has to be silver or black.

Thanks :)

I dont remember the exact model, if i find it i will post it to you in this topic. But mushkin had some good low profile ram with a silver heat spreader , it does have green PCB though.

Eh, I think I'll splurge on some Corsair Vengance Low Profile or maybe the G. Skill Sniper Series.