Is the 760 4gb sli better than 770 2gb sli

i was wondering if the 760 can handle the 4gb of vram even though it only has a 256 bit bus, and if its worth spending a little more money to by a 770 with 2gb or buying a 760 4gb thats a little less expensive, i will also sli two of these together so which one will will be the best option for 1440p resolutions and future proofing for games that will use more vram like bf4 which claims to need 3gb of vram.( i will also be using my computer for video editing and photoshop aswell as QHD gaming) 

i think the 780 would be better if you are playing on 1440p.And also the 760 cannot handle 4gb of vram.A 770 would be a good choice,but is not the best at 1440p,1080p its great.Also bf4 claims 3gb of vram but its ok 

If you want the best graphics card for 1440p, it's best to choose a niche card that is geared for high-resolution gaming. For Nvidia, that would be the 780. For AMD, it would be the soon-to-be-released R9 290x.

yes, but what about using dual 770 Sli?

You can use 770sli, you'd get a higher frame rate. However, it would cost less to go with a 780, which gives sufficient performance to play any game at Ultra in 1440p. Also, if you wanted to run mods and stuff, I would trust the 780 to do that. You could make an argument for 770 4gb SLI. Again, it would cost less to go with the 780. I use a 780 at 1440p, and it handles everything on the highest settings, with filters maxed out.

The R9 290x is supposed to be better than the 780, and will enter the market at a similar price point. Should be out in a matter of weeks.

would a 780 be AMD fx-8350 bottle neck it, thanks 

Nope. It's a great card for 1440p. I would wait for the R9 290x, in your position.

I would really recommend that you don't buy a GPU right now. With the new AMD GPUs the prices are sure to change and depending on what happens Maxwell, Nvidia's new GPU, might launch before 2014. Wait and see what the prices to settle and snag a good deal.

yeh i am going to wait a couple of months before buying a GPU, thanks