Is the 6770 a good choice for my configuration?

I've got a pentium g630, 2gb ram & 600w psu. i would like to know if i will be having any trouble with the radeon hd 6770, if you can suggest me any other gpu that might perform better with my pc i'd be gratefull.




You can play most games with that just fine.If you can find it cheap under $90 then spend more and get 650ti or 7850 for 150ish.

will a 7770 be bottlenecked by my cpu?

I have a 6770 in my rig and I can play most stuff maxed along with my Phenom II 965 and 8GB DDR3 1600MHz. You may need more RAM though. Try for a 4GB stick of DDR3 if you can. Your CPU may hold you back on some of the more CPU intensive games.